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Foggy Forest


Embark on the journey with Futrune: A scenic 'S' road, a solitary car in the middle, flanked by lush hills and serene forests

At Futrune, we began our journey with a belief that led us to search for a solid gold bar in the shape of a credit card. However, we quickly realized that a plain solid gold bar would not be enough to make it interesting. As collectors ourselves, we drew inspiration from the concept of trading cards and decided to incorporate artwork onto the alike credit card-sized gold bar. This created a unique collectible item, Fortune Card® that not only had an aesthetic appeal but also held intrinsic value. Unlike other gold bars that are sealed in plastic, our product is a full, solid gold bar that you can hold in your hand and enjoy the beautiful artwork that has been crafted onto it.

Our Story


Commitment to Customer



Social Responsibility


Our Values

Victory at its peak: A successful individual standing triumphantly atop a hill, symbolizing achievement and success.

At Futrune, we are driven by our mission to create extraordinary products that provide immense value to our customers and have a lasting impact on future generations. Now, we have created the Fortune Card®, and we are pursuing the goal of making it our nation's signature souvenir—a must-buy for tourists that fills Malaysians with pride.

Our name, Futrune, is a combination of two words: 'FUT,' which stands for the future, and 'rune,' which means secret. We believe that the key to building a better future is by unlocking the secrets of sustainable and responsible business practices, and that's precisely what we strive to do in everything we undertake.

By embracing innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility in all aspects of our business, we can create a legacy of extraordinary products that benefit both present and future generations. Our name serves as a reminder that the future is full of possibilities, and by working together and embracing innovative and responsible approaches, we can unlock the secrets to creating a better world for ourselves and for future generations.

Our Philosophy


The Golden Eagle Logo

Our iconic golden eagle logo captures the essence and core values of our brand. Renowned for its strength and resilience as a powerful hunter, the golden eagle symbolizes our unwavering determination in overcoming life's challenges. Just as the eagle's habitat is perched atop mountain peaks, we aspire to reach the highest levels of success and excellence. The crossed wings on the eagle's back serve as a gentle reminder to remain humble and nurture a mindset of continuous learning and growth. Additionally, our logo's forward-facing orientation represents our commitment to staying ahead and embracing new opportunities for progress and advancement.

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