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​Every person dreams of a better life, complete with goals and aspirations.
Many people believe that certain items have the power to bring them good luck and wealth.


The Wallet's Secret

The idea behind Fortune Card® came from a popular belief held by many people and our Founder. They firmly believe that holding a lot of money, especially large notes, in their wallet will make them wealthy. This belief is backed by the concept that the wallet becomes familiar with the taste of money and thus attracts more wealth into one’s life. It is also believed that the more money a person has in their wallet, the more prosperous and financially successful they will be.

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Solving the Bulky Wallet Dilemma

Our Founder realized that filling his wallet with a lot of money made it bulky and hard to close, a common problem many of us can relate to. Therefore, he started looking for an alternative way to replace large notes with something else that would still have equivalent monetary value but not make his wallet bulky.


After some research, he discovered gold bars sealed in plastic cards sold on the market - but this was not what he wanted; he wanted something tangible that you can touch and feel without being sealed in plastic like real money does.

Discovery of Gold Bars

A pure gold bar being encased in a plastic card.
Background (Discovery of Gold Bar)

Why not create alike credit card-sized gold bars? Since then, the Fortune Card® was born - providing a unique opportunity to hold actual gold in your hand while also having an item believed to bring good luck and wealth.

Inspiration Strikes!

Fortune Card® featuring a Pixiu artwork.

Embracing Change: Fortune Card® in Digital Times

In a world where wallets are being emptied due to the shift toward e-wallets and reduced cash usage, symbolizing wealth flowing away, the Fortune Card® uniquely connects the past and present in carrying wealth. Adapting to digital advances, Fortune Card® signifies prosperity for those valuing the age-old practice of keeping wealth close while managing money in current ways.

Paper Fortune Teller


Our pattern was inspired by the timeless classic of Paper Fortune Teller.
While technology has taken over and traditional games have been forgotten, we hope that through our creation we can preserve its rich history and serve as the nostalgia of simpler times.


With our intricately-designed pattern formation, a world of hidden images is formed.
Look closely and you will find feng shui coins. What other surprises will be discovered?

Pattern Design

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