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  • Golden Malaysia Flag
  • Golden Malaysia Flag
  • Golden Malaysia Flag

Golden Malaysia Flag

PriceFrom RM3,688.00

The Malaysia Flag symbolizes leadership, honor, and sovereignty, with 14 red and white stripes representing the states and territories. Red signifies bravery, while white symbolizes purity. The yellow crescent and star represent Malay royalty. The combination of the colours red, white, and blue symbolize unity between Malaysia, the UK, and the Commonwealth.



Product Description

Materials : 375/9K Gold | 916/22K Gold

Colour : Yellow Gold

Weight : 375/9K (14.0g±) | 916/22K (25.0g±)

Dimensions : 82.0mm x 52.0mm ±

Thickness : 0.30mm±


Please note: The weights, dimensions, and thickness are approximate (±).

Allow for slight variations as each piece is crafted with precision.



Your Fortune Card® comes with:

1 x Fortune Card® Exclusive Box

1 x Futrune Official Receipt

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