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Lucky Clover

PriceFrom RM3,688.00

The three-leaf clover symbolized luck with its associations of faith, hope, and love. However, stumbling upon a rare four-leaf clover among them brought an added level of fortune. Finding one was seen as an extraordinary stroke of luck, believed to bring extra blessings and good fortune. So, owning a clover design not only carries the charm of luck but also the promise of extraordinary fortune if you spot that elusive fourth leaf.


Product Description

Materials : 375/9K Gold | 916/22K Gold

Colour : Yellow Gold

Weight : 375/9K (14.0g±) | 916/22K (25.0g±)

Dimensions : 82.0mm x 52.0mm ±

Thickness : 0.30mm±


Please note: The weights, dimensions, and thickness are approximate (±).

Allow for slight variations as each piece is crafted with precision.



Your Fortune Card® comes with:

1 x Fortune Card® Exclusive Box

1 x Futrune Official Receipt

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