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National Hibiscus

PriceFrom RM3,688.00

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is the national flower of Malaysia, also known as “Bunga raya” in Malay. The flower represents the celebration of unity in a multicultural nation. The first Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman declared hibiscus as the national flower on 28 July 1960. The red color of hibiscus petals symbolizes courage and vitality while its five petals symbolize unity among Malaysians with various races and national principles (Rukun Negara).



Product Description

Materials : 375/9K Gold | 916/22K Gold

Colour : Yellow Gold

Weight : 375/9K (14.0g±) | 916/22K (25.0g±)

Dimensions : 82.0mm x 52.0mm ±

Thickness : 0.30mm±


Please note: The weights, dimensions, and thickness are approximate (±).

Allow for slight variations as each piece is crafted with precision.



Your Fortune Card® comes with:

1 x Fortune Card® Exclusive Box

1 x Futrune Official Receipt

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